🎀Top 5 Best Blythe Dolls of 2017🎀

Hi dollers! Here's my top 5 Best Blythe Dolls of 2017

1) Vera Florentine.
Face Type: Radiance+ Face Color: Fair (Natural Skin)
Makeup: Yellow eyeshadow, Salmon Pink Lip and Cheek
Eye Color: Orange (front), Blue (right), Pink (front), Blue Green (Special eye color *left)
Eyelash: Default // Hair Color: Light Brown
Set Includes: Doll, blouse, salopette pants, hat, shorts, socks, shoes, stand (17.5 cm), and paper accessories
Release Date: August 25, 2017
Price: 16,900 JPY

2) Pineapple Princess.
Face Type: Radiance Renew // Face color: Translucent Mocha
Make up: Eyeshadow, Dark brown, Cheeks and Lips, Almond Pink Eye color: Light green (front), Blue (R), Pink (front), green (L)
Eyelashes: Black // Hair color: Brown
Ear rings: Cherry pink hearts
Set includes: Doll, dress, shirt, pants, sunglasses, hair band, ear rings, socks, shoes, shorts, stand (17.5 cm tall)
Release Date: July 14, 2017 // Price: 17,900 JPY

3) Junie Moon Home Sweet Home
Face Type: Radiance Renew (A new mold based on the previous Radiance model)
Face Color: Cream (translucent)
Make Up: Olive green eyeshadow, light pink cheeks and lips
Eye Color: Light brown (front), Light purple (R), sky blue (front), light blue (L) *All special colors. Eye Lashes: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde // Ear Rings: Ribbon
Set Includes: Doll, dress, underskirt, hat, ear rings, shorts, socks, shoes, stand, Paper craft (miniature dool package, shopping bag)
Release Date: July 25, 2017 // Price: 18,400 JPY

4) Blythe Adores Anna Sui
Facetype: Radiance+ // Face Color: Fair (natural)
Make up: Pinkish orange // Lips: pink-beige/Cheeks: Salmon pink
Eye Color: Blue (front), Gray (R), Purple (front), Green (L) *All special colors
Eye lids: Light Brown *special color // Eye lashes: Black
Hair color: Deep Mauve (brownish dark purple) *New color
Ear rings: Silver butterfly Manicure: Light purple
Set includes: Doll, dress, beret, sunglasses, ear rings, bag, shorts, tights, boots, stand
Release Date: January 27th, 2017 // Price: ¥29,300

5) Musical Trench
Face Type: Radience Renew
Face Color: Fair
Makeup: Brown eyeshadow, pink lip, pink cheeks
Eye Color: Orange (front), blue (R), light brown (front, special), Green (L)
Hair Color: Light brown
Earring: Gold colored heart studs  // Manicure: yes
Set Includes: Doll, dress, coat, hat, earrings, bag socks, shoes, shorts and stand
Release Date: October 20
Price: 17,900 JPY

Let me know your top 5 or just your favourite 2017 Blythe doll!
See ya soon!
Lots of LOVE
Makoto Project ©

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4 commenti:

  1. ANNA SUIII ���� non avrò mai abbastanza soldi per prenderla.. COOOMUNQUE sono totalmente d’accordo con la classifica però avrei messo la princess ultima dato che la mia è mezza pelata.

    1. Speriamo che il 2018 ci porti un hobby meno costoso oppure che faccia svendere tutto alla Takara ahahah

  2. So in love with your blog! everything is perfect here!
    you're amazing! By the way I need Vera Florentine she's precious *-*

    1. Thank you so much! I need Vera Florentine too, she's the best!