🦇 Taeyang Batman🦇

Hi Dollers! Here we are again with a new unboxing video!!!
I'm so excited, finally I've got him, Taeyang Batman!
He's an exclusive release for the San Diego Comic-Con in 2012. Batman in his Dark Knight-style crime-fighting costume with cape, mask and even a golden utility belt. Take off his mask to reveal the perfectly coiffed dark brown hair of the handsome playboy, Bruce Wayne Officially licensed product of Groove (formerly Jun Planning)

Here's the unboxing video, hope you like it!

I dressed him with Ken doll's clothes... they fit perfectly, even the shoes!
So I made this little video with Taylor Swift's song "Gorgeous"

See us soon! Lots of love
Makoto Project ©

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4 commenti:

  1. He's awesome! I'm so il love with your videos and photos!

  2. I'm looking for him from years! where can I get him for a good price?

    1. I've founded him for less than 100€ on ebay, from Cali. Ive payed more for tax import than for the doll..