🎅Petite Déjeuner Champs Élysées🎅

Hi Dollers, Merry Christmas!!!
Santa Claus has come with this little cutie!
Here's a 2011 Blythe Special Edition Petite Déjeuner Champs Élysées.
I'm totally in love with her, she's amazing!

"Petit Dejeuner Champs Elysees" is a happy girl who loves to sing and makes everyone around her happy. She's a good friend of summer sun and goes on picnics in her fashionable clothes! Blue blouse with ghingam checked one-piece dress matches well! On her white hat is a sky blue ribbon as a charm point! 2 items to make her even cuter is enclosed! A ribbon earrings and a picnic basket! On her foot is a white strapped shoes. Her hair is chocolate brown colored long hair with a light perm, with bangs! Eye shadow is mint green and her cheek and lips are orange like her nail polish!
For her eyes, cobalt blue special color is used! Face type is Radiance and skin is natural skin type.
Here's the UNBOXING VIDEO, hope you like it!
Happy Holidays and see ya soon!

Makoto Project ©

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4 commenti:

  1. WOW!! Questa non l'avevo mai vista, è stupenda! Ho provato a cercarla ma non si trova da nessuna parte. Tu dove l'hai comperata?

    1. Guarda è abbastanza introvabile poiché, credo, la cercassi soltanto io LOL.
      Cooomunque ho avuto la fortuna, per una volta, di trovarla a pochissimo in un gruppo Facebook da una ragazza inglese che la svendeva pur di levarsela dalle balls...
      Prova su ebay oppure nei vari gruppi di collezionismo, ti consiglio di evitare venditori senza feedback.

  2. OH Goshhhhh she's a cutieeee! I think that she will be prettier with a lick body, do you agree?

    1. Lucca Body? yaaaaas I've changed her yesterday, she's cuter than before but the stock body has got manicure....I don't know what to do hahahaha